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KVW Beringen

KVW Beringen is a non-profit association.
Members who are actually personally committed to the preparation and implementation of projects by the K.V.W. organized events receive a reduction on the membership fee; they pay only €15.00 per year. For the effective members, the membership fee is currently € 60.00 per year, for a family member this is € 20.00   and the annual contribution for a training member is € 65.00 per year.
Members who breed sighthounds receive a free listing on this website (see Breeders at K.V.W)
Is running or coursing your passion and would you like to join our club, come and meet us in Beringen. We are happy to provide you with all the information.

The board



foto Chantal Baldewijns
Tel. (++32)(0)496 / 92.76.38
e-mail: secretaris@kvwberingen.be
foto Patrick Boon
board member
Tel. (++32)(0)16 / 73.49.23
e-mail: patrick.boon@telenet.be
foto Marie Josee Helsen
competition secretary and treasurer
Tel. (++32)(0)14 / 31.21.06
of (++ 32) (0)495 / 41.57.59
e-mail: jef_kerkhofs@telenet.be
foto Matty Blomme
Tel. (++32)(0)14/81.72.43
e-mail: secretaris@kvwberingen.be
Stijn Vandermeulen
board member
Tel. (++32)(0) 497416013
e-mail: stijn@pictostijn.net
foto Gustaaf Gillemot
board member
Tel. (++32)(0) 495265488
e-mail: gustaafgillemot@hotmail.com
Mieke Engelbos
board member
Tel. (++32)(0) 476/32.67.74
e-mail: mieke.engelbos@skynet.be
Henri Damiaens
board member
Tel. (++32)(0) 476/85.66.57
e-mail: henri.damiaens@telenet.be
Frederyk Bilz
board member
Tel. (++49)(0)171 4378185
e-mail: fbilz@gmx.de