Our Club


KVW Beringen
K.V.W. is a non profit organisation.
Helping members who contribute during (the preperation of) several races pay a reduced annual membership price of €5.
All the other members pay an annual fee of €40

Breeders of KVW Beringen will also be added to this website for free (see: breeders at KVW)

If racing or coursing is your passion and if you want to be a member of our club, you’re always welcome in Beringen. We can provide you all the information you need.

Het bestuur

foto Chantal Baldewijns
Tel. (++32)(0)496 / 92.76.38
e-mail: knuts.dirk@telenet.be
foto Marleen Lannoy
Tel. (++32)(0)89 / 24.77.70
e-mail: marleen.lannoy1@telenet.be
foto Marie Josee Helsen
wedstrijdsecretariaat + penningmeester
Tel. (++32)(0)14 / 31.21.06
of (++ 32) (0)495 / 41.57.59
e-mail: jef_kerkhofs@telenet.be
foto Matty Blomme
Tel. (++32)(0)14/81.72.43
foto Jacky Goris
Tel. (++32)(0)11 / 45.57.89
e-mail: jacky.goris@telenet.be
foto Patrick Boon
Tel. (++32)(0)16 / 73.49.23
e-mail: patrick.boon@telenet.be